Tromsø guide

3 reasons to see
Tromsø by sea

Our Tromsø Fjord & Wildlife Cruise as well as our Northern Lights Cuisine Cruise give you unique views of Tromsø. Here are the three reason we believe seeing Tromsø from sea and taking a boat tour is a must.

1. Sea faring is the backbone of Norway

Norway’s mountainous landscape cuts through the long coastline. For ost of history, this has meant moving along waterways has been way easier than moving across land. This in turn, is why Norway’s maritime culture is so vast.

So, on a boat you’re getting to see Tromsø and experience the Norwegian coastal culture the way most people throughout history have.

Imagine the feeling of arriving in Tromsø harbor in the Arctic winter, just like the explorers did? Like Fridtjof Nansen, returning from a North Pole expedition on the ship Fram, or the many trappers that brought their Svalbard catch of polar bears and seals to trade in Tromsø?

2. It's the most comfortable way to catch the views and landmarks

We’re not going to argue with other modes of transport, as we may be a little biased, but we’re convinced that a silent, non-polluting boat is the most comfortable way to travel.

Imagine catching some of Tromsø’s landmarks, like the Arctic cathedral and bridges that connect the island to the East and West, as you cut silently through crips Arctic waters.

You can move around inside and out, meet people from all over the world, and best of all: Enjoy food and drinks with an ever-changing front-row view.

3. Get away from the hustle and bustle, noise and lights of town

Agreed, Tromsø is pretty chill. But still, you may not notice how busy and noisy it is till you get some distance. And who can argue with the tranquility of being at sea? Especially with a silent, non-polluting electric engine.

Imagine drifting quietly across darkened waters, hearing only the wind and waves, with the twinkling lights of the town in the distance, the stars and – if you’re lucky – the Northern lights above?

And to top it off, underneath the surface is a whole other world waiting to be discovered. Onboard Brim we use an underwater drone and hydrophone to give you eyes and ears below the surface.

So join us for a tour at sea to experience some unique perspectives of the nature and culture of the Arctic Capital.

Tromsø Winter