Meet our crew

Meet Ivar
Head of Sails

"I’m the one who makes sure our sails are filled with wind so we gain the momentum needed to cross open waters. I’m also the guy who’s always trying to organise our office. My pencil and its sharpener just prefer their familiar fixed space on my desk."

When you are the guide on Brim, what do you want to share?

"I want to tell the story about the Norwegian Explorer Roald Amundsen and his connection with the local area when crossing the North-West passage in the early 1900’s"

Imagine holding the controls for the underwater drone, what would you explore?

"A ship wreck. The boy who wants to find a golden treasure is still alive in me, so I would definitely look for hidden treasures."

What was your climate ‘a-ha’ moment?

"When joining a beach clean-up day with "MS Miljødronningen", I was shocked by the amount of "mini-plastics" like q-tips and plastics from reinforced concrete. Blink 182 told the truth: All the small things, true care, truth brings"

What’s your favourite thing about the ship Brim?

"I do love nature, but I must admit that I also prefer comfort to the rough elements over time. My favorite thing about Brim, is the fact that I can explore the roughness of the elements close up without having to compromise on comfort."

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