Meet our crew

Meet Espen
Co-Founder and CFO

"I am the Co-founder and chief trouble maker. In addition to working with the rest of the team to keep up the day-to-day operations, I am responsible for following the building process, ensuring that we end up with an awesome ship, designed for the future of tourism."

When you are the guide on Brim, what do you want to share?

"I’m excited that I’ll have a chance to be a guide on board Brim very soon. I want to tell people about how we’re working together with so many great people along the coast to clean up our shores and make nature shine again. I also want to show people the different lights of the north, not only the aurora or the midnight sun – but the blue hour in the winter in Tromsø or the dusk of a summer morning in Lofoten."

Imagine holding the controls for the underwater drone, what would you explore?

"Shipwrecks. I want to explore the shipwrecks along our coast and experience how these historic disasters now also bring new shelter for fish and other life below the sea. The Blueye drone gives us a pair of eyes under water and enables us to go diving without getting wet!"

What was your climate ‘a-ha’ moment?

"My climate ‘a-ha’ moment was when discussing local pollution and recycling with a friend during my studies. She insisted that recycling wasn’t that important because there’s so much litter everywhere. I have a strong belief that even though you alone don’t save the planet by recycling or being aware of your emissions, the positive local effects of these decisions will affect others to also be more aware. I believe this is important for Brim Explorer as we’re part of an industry with huge emissions, but by doing our part – we hope to inspire others to take more conscious choices when travelling."

What’s your favourite thing about the ship Brim?

"My favourite thing about Brim is the fact that it’s silent. There are very few ships in the world where you can get this close to wildlife without disturbing them – not to mention just being able to take in nature in a silent zen-mode."

Meet our team