The future is electric

4 reasons why
ships should be electric

1. Our guests want it

Our ships are built for the travellers who care about their environmental footprint and want to explore the natural world with minimal impact.

By combining modern design with innovative technology, we hope to bring a new and more sustainble dimension to Arctic travel.

2. It’s good business

We also want to show the world that climate-friendly technology is not only wanted and needed, it’s also the business model of the future.

Reduced fuel use benefits the environment, but also our bottom-line. Life-cycle costs of batteries are also expected to be lower than conventional engines, thanks to more compact and less complex systems that are easier to maintain.

And by the way, they say Norway’s Silicon Valley is the coast!

3. Let's put sustainable solutions to use

The environmental impact of ships is significant, with fossil fuel emissions, waste management challenges and noise pollution. Considering the state of our planet, we believe we have an obligation to find the best solutions.

In Norway we have clean hydropower, we have a long coastline that attracts visitors from around the world, and we have a strong maritime industry. So what does that lead us to? Electric ships of course!

Norwegian lawmakers are starting to recognise electric shipping as the future. A new regulations aims to make the fjords the world’s first zero emission zone at sea and limited access to fjords for polluting ships will start in 2026.

4. It's just a much better experience

Who’s going to miss engine noise and stinky diesel fumes anyway?

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