On top of the World

First-time tourists
in Tromsø

Tromsø might be one of the most beautiful places to spend your winter vacation. There are plenty of incredible sights to see, and activities to do, but figuring out what to do can be quite hard. We spent a day in Tromsø as tourists and we wanted to share how we chose to spend it.

Sunday. 02.02.2020:

We are two new interns at Brim Explorer and got sent up to Tromsø from Oslo to get a better feel for the city. We were asked if we wanted to have an activity day here, and of course we said yes.

At 07:45 we started walking from our apartment. The icy-cold weather quickly made us wide awake, and the blue morning-sky was stunning.

One of the perks of being in Tromsø is that you can walk just about anywhere in under an hour.

We walked from our apartment which is located right in the center of the Tromsø Island, and after about 30 minutes we arrived at the Radisson Hotel, where we met our expedition group. We were greeted by a very friendly and enthusiastic tour guide, who took us to our buss.

The 50 minute busdrive east to Breivikeidet was filled with snowy mountains and old Norwegian cabins. (Sorry about the motion-blur, taking stills on a bus is quite hard)

When we arrived, we were welcomed by the local instructor Anne Stine. She brought us in to the Husky-hut and gave us a 20 minute course of what we were in for, and demonstrated with a sled and some cute stuffed animals.

We grouped ourselves in teams of two, and were told that there were three parts of the trip. The first part was mainly uphill, followed by the second part which was a nice and easy straight that went into the third (and most fun part) which was a long downhill slope.

Here are some of the pictures we took from our trip:

When we came back, we said goodbye to the dogs which is gonna be hard if you are a dog person, and went into a tent where we offered some complimentary "lefse" and coffee or tea.

As native Norwegians we have always been fond of snowy terrains and white mountaintops, but Tromsø might very well be the best place to experience them. This is of course a personal opinion, but if you are lucky enough to witness the Tromsø scenery for yourself, I'm sure that you would understand why we think so.

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We would like to thank Tromsø Safari and Tromsø Husky for this amazing experience! We got memories that will last us a lifetime.